Hash 622 – Radnor Arms @ Coleshill

1 May 2022MikeAnnie

I hope I’ll be forgiven for a little bias here but I’m sure you’ll all agree that this was a very well laid Hash – what else would we expect from the Grandest of Grandees?  What is even more impressive is that My Beloved had been laid low by the latest Covid jab, but laying the trail was so important to him, I do believe he would have laid it on his hands and knees.

At the end of the apres (I’m working backwards here), I consulted with Jeremy to determine if there were any runner type stories he could relate to me.  He gave me sage advice indeed.  Which was ” to write about anything but the Hash”   Yes, I gasped too.  But it came with a reminder that our dear Late Keith often wrote of non-Hash related subjects, and didn’t we enjoy them?  Now I can never emulate his literary works, but having been given free rein, the world was my lobster.  I decided to write about my recent trip “up North”to see my Auntie Joan. 

If you think that’s too obscure, think again.  My Auntie Joan is actually a Hasher, she has been to at least 3 Hashes with my Mother.  One at Great Bedwyn, one at Aldbourne and one of our seaside ones (Worth Matravers?) where she played football and danced – no alcohol involved.

Auntie Joan is now 94 and has given the Hash up I think.  However, despite Covid and a recent hospital admission and the usual age related maladies, she is the most cheerful person I know.  And still very pretty.  Here is a photo of her with my sister in law Margaret, who has also been hashing with us.

After our visit to Auntie Joan, Margaret and I decided to revisit some of our childhood haunts in Hartlepool.  You’ll probably know that Hartlepool is one of the most depressed areas in the UK, but as a child, trips to the lovely little beach were the highlight of the school holidays.  I can still feel the sea coal between my toes.   The beach is where they hung the monkey in the early 19th century, but never talk about that to a Hartlepudlian. 

There are still some very grand houses in Hartlepool, it was once very prosperous, its ship building history going back to the Crusades.  There is  a particularly beautiful terrace of Georgian houses.  I’m sure you’ll agree it is charming and can rival the views in Tenby and St Ives.   Sadly,  go beyond there and the deprivation is obvious.

Those of you still awake will be wondering where this is going.  Well, look again at the row of houses, on the far left, there is a gap between the last two houses which leads to an old house which is for sale.  For bedrooms, two bathrooms, hard standing …. ¬£115,000!   Needs a bit of work but here’s a thought.  I once read that eventually all coastal properties in England will command fantastic prices, look what happened in Sandbanks!  We could club together and buy it, do it up, and it would be like a time share.  We’d all spend our holidays there and boost the local economy, which in turn would increase the value.  Simples!  There’s a very good fish and chip shop and you sometimes get to see Brenda Blethyn filming “Vera”. 

Sadly, we may not live long enough to see Hartlepool restored to its former glory.

Back to Sunday’s Hash.  We were a smaller than usual group, as is often the case on BH weekends.  But we had a new member, Brian’s girlfriend Beate.  I think Beate had been well briefed as she grasped the concept and fitted in very well.  I was impressed with Julia who actually ran to the Hash.  And we had our good friends Pete and Sandra too.

I’m hopeless at remembering who was there, you’ll know if you were though.  I know Brian was because Kiri wrestled him to the ground, and I know Kay was as she demonstrated her ballet skills, I never knew she could do the splits.  Wished I’d got my camera ready for those two moments.

We have hashed from here before so we know there are amazing views, sadly hidden on this occasion.  But nothing beats the countryside in May, even in drizzle.  It was a well crafted, well marked Hash in the traditional style, rounded off by the apres in the newly reopened Radnor Arms.  I think we should have a whip round for light bulbs for them though ………..

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