Hash 624 – Royal Oak @ Bishopstone

29 May 2022Viv & JohnKevin

Following Viv’s briefing and demonstration of flour marks to nine newbies (Dan from Ukraine; Jane and Phil; Pam and Daniel and their two Rough Collies; Izzy and Lucas and their Border Collie) twenty one hashers (23 if you include hares John and Viv) set out from the Royal Oak at Bishopstone. Lucas was our youngest hasher at 5 months old, who was our oldest I didn’t like to ask but I suspect it is Mike as he recently celebrated his 81st. Viv mentioned that their were no cows but forgot to mention the sheep, and there were plenty, up in Bishopstone Folly. The short trail was approximately 2½ miles and the long was approximately 6 miles.

On! On! Us hashers ran and walked towards the church and out of the village towards Bishopstone Folly where we would encounter the sheep. I counted five dogs amongst us, the three mentioned above, Noodle (Jeremy’s dog) and Lily (Julie and my dog) so they came into there own shepherding the sheep through Bishopstone Folly, although I must admit Noodle and Lily were the imposters! The trail led us south to the Ridgeway where the short long divide would send most of the walkers west and the runners, Julie and myself east along the Ridgeway.

Which route the walkers took from there on I do not know but my assumption is the short trail must have been well marked as they all returned back to the Royal Oak for the apres.

The runners, Julie and I continued along the Ridgeway through Ridgeway Farm towards the Ashbury Hill road where just prior to reaching the road the trail took a sharp left, at this juncture there was a blackboard advertising The Rose & Crown 1 mile down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill stood Ashbury parish church where the trail then turned left along the fields of rapeseed. Now this could have been an opportunity for the hares to have inserted a beer stop at The Rose & Crown, alas no such luck! Going west the crops changed to wheat as we headed towards Idstone. The trail came out onto the road just outside Idstone and took us through the village, through Lower Idstone Farm leading us back to Bishopstone and the Royal Oak.

Julie and I were the last of the hashers to return for the apres which was held in the garden of the Royal Oak. I thanked Viv and John for their well laid trail (even John put enough flour down on the long trail and no one got lost) as could be demonstrated by everyone who set out at the beginning of the hash got back to the apres. Many thanks Viv and John!

PS. I received three emails from absentees before setting out today; the first from Kathy who could not make today’s hash due to illness; Karen and Niki otherwise engaged but sent me a reminder of their hash in two weeks time; Sonia and Mike to say hello to us all and they have not forgotten us but a busy preparing for their move to a new abode.

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