Hash 407 – George @ Kempsford

Date Hare Scribe
14 Apr 2013 Mike Brian


To celebrate the 407th KVH3 hash the wonderful (and fashionable …… as you can see) people of the KVH3 turned up to …… well that’s it really …. they turned up. Lest you think that was an accomplishment not worth mentioning it should be said that it was only those in the photo (and myself behind the camera) who managed the very tricky feat of arriving at the correct village, locating the correct pub and on the correct day. To discover who didn’t ….. but wait to see who was awarded the horn at the après hash.
Aaahh …. I digress …… celebrating the 407th hash. For those of us to whom numbers hold a certain fascination and lead sad lives we will know that 407 is a ‘ Narcissistic Number’. What is a narcissistic number apart from being a number that is in love with itself?  See appendix 1 below.

407-4 407-6 407-5 407-2

Mike seems to have the uncanny ability to lay hashes on sunny days and so after his short pre-hash intro everyone set off in a cheerful mood westwards along the High St. It was not long however, before we turned off onto a tree lined path into the countryside.
The land, being flat, made the running easy and the runners became stretched out quite quickly. However, Mike had forewarned us that there would be a regroup and so we joined together again for a welcome rest.
Much of the trail was along hedgerow with ditches full of water and though it was a sunny day a lot of the ground was very muddy. I ran mostly with Fiona and Ollie and it was Ollie who related a rather gruesome tale of an incident he experienced in his police work a few days before. He then, as he can, stepped on the gas and whizzed away. Since it was the first time in six weeks I had done any running I was grateful for Fiona’s encouragement to keep going.

Back at The George (I was one of the last to arrive) everyone was sat outside. This was the first time we had been able to do that this year and everyone was making the most of it, including, to my surprise The Lady Margaret . This was odd only because Margaret had not been there for the run. The reason being that she had gone to Kemble looking for The Green Dragon!?! Sorry Margaret but this does need to be recorded and you did get the correct day. Who got awarded the horn? Yes, you’re right.

Appendix 1
A Narcissistic Number is a number that is the sum of its own digits when each digit is raised to the power of the number of digits. For example; 407 is a number with three digits, so when we apply the rule to this number, we get: 407 = (4*4*4) + (0*0*0) + (7*7*7) = 64 + 0 + 343 = 407.  The most interesting point being that the next Narcissistic Number is 1,634.  We will be doing the 1,634th hash in about 45 years (in the year 2058).

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