Hash 408 – Radnor Arms @ Coleshill

Date Hare Scribe
28 Apr 2013 Keith Mike

There were distinct signs that winter was finally giving way to spring this morning (“about bloody time” I hear you mutter) – the sun was 408-3out and the countryside and people’s gardens were beginning to fill with colour and hundreds (well perhaps not hundreds – I counted 36) of hashers turned up – some even wearing shorts though it was far from warm. Among the 36 was probably the best runner we’ve had on the hash – a young Somali chap called Abdul who was staying with Vince and his family on a student exchange. He looked like Mo Farah, and he ran like Mo Farah too. As we set off he loped off at an effortless 4 minute-mile pace leaving everybody else miles behind, including good runners like Olly and Vince. I wish I could run like that.

Keith had set an excellent trail through the village and out over open fields (a clearly marked five miles for the long and three for the walkers with plenty of circles and interest – masterly ! ). One should not be surprised of course, he is after all the holder of the award for last year’s ‘Best Trail’. Back to today’s trail. Even though I was running at the back I managed to keep other runners in sight – including Margaret and her two friends and Brian and Elizabeth. (Elizabeth has been hashing with us since she was about 8 and now she’s running well at 13. She needs the company of other teenagers though – she was a bit bored in the pub afterwards – so if you know any teenagers who like to run, do bring them along).

Paul and Cameron’s dad were running today – Paul for the first time for about 10 years 408-1he said – and they both ran remarkably well up at the front and when they got back they were full of that glow of achievement. From the first fields the trail curved round, through a farm, over more fields and then down through another farm to the road. Straight over the road and down a narrow lane with may and hawthorn blossom either side – left into smaller fields and then a steady climb up to the road again just short of the village. At this point all the back runners started running hard to avoid being last and we all thundered in laughing, more or less together. We were still back before Maurice, as he came in about ten minutes after us explaining that he had got lost. We were unable to find out more though as he and Olly had to rush straight off somewhere.

The Radnor Arms is a small pub and we filled the bar completely. 408-4There were a few hardy types like James and Paul who sat outside for a bit but they soon squashed into the warmth. I presented Abdul with a 400th Hash T shirt to remember us when he gets back to Somalia. I only had size ‘ Large’ left unfortunately and so it will fit him rather loosely as he’s built like a racing snake – but it’s the thought that counts. Lovely atmosphere as usual at the après – Brian thanked Keith for his splendid trail and he got an enthusiastic round of well deserved applause. My thanks too to Keith for another enjoyable hash.

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