Hash 410 – White Horse @ Woolstone

Date Hare Scribe
26 May 2013 Brian Keith

The White Horse at Woolstone is a lovely olde worlde pub we have used on a number of occasions. Unless I am mistaken, on previous hashes we have always followed the trail up the steep hill to the Ridgeway. Today we were assured by Brian that our trail would not involve going up to the Ridgeway, and I am happy to report this turned out to be true. Instead our trail was largely on flatter ground. 

It’s difficult to make a guess about likely numbers turning up to a hash generally, and this is especially so at times like bank holidays, Boxing Day, etc when it may be assumed people will be away visiting relatives or at the seaside. The weather has a large part to play too.

Fortunately, the weather this bank holiday Sunday was just great; a cool breeze to soften the abundant May sunshine.. And yet the turnout was low, around about a dozen in all. However, those present were in for a treat. A meandering trail through meadows and glades of woodland with spring flowers everywhere, opening up vistas of beautiful countryside at regular intervals. All the way to Compton Beauchamp and back, completed in around 75 minutes.

I had the pleasure of running ( well jogging…..ok …jog-walking) with Maurice and Margaret , discussing the important issues of the day. Margaret seems to have taken to the orange hash shorts and perhaps we should allow her to keep them?

The trail was well laid and we only went astray once, along a deeply rutted (and sure to break an ankle if you tried to run on it) tract beside a hedge, cursing Brian , until we  realised it was our fault for going off-trail, not his! 

We passed a small village church early on, St Smithins, and we took a few moments to enter and sit quietly in this lovely cool place.

(Ed – here are some photos Robin took of the place)

        410-2         410-3         410-1

Whilst the bells were silent during our hash, I read later that in 1998, a local resident actually broke in and cut the bell ropes as she couldn’t stand the noise from the bells any longer! She then rang police to tell them what she’d done and was given a conditional discharge. Who’d a thought it? (Not to be confused with Brian’s Lockridge hash)


I was unable to stay for the après- hash today, having domestic duties to perform, so I cannot reveal the lucky recipients of the hash shorts. A superb hash, and many thanks to our GOM hare, Brian.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Jut very sorry to have missed it yet again; the pub sounded delightful too, and I thought of you all as I worked at Wichelstowe (with a tabby cat who kept coming into the sales office for company, encouraged by several saucers of milk!) However, I definitely intend to be at the Cricklade hash, and look forward to seeing you all again.

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