Hash 411 – White Hart @ Wroughton

Date Hare Scribe
09 Jun 2013 Brian Mike

Today’s hash is unusual in that the mag, which provides that precious record of the adventures and atmosphere of the day for posterity, was not written at the time by the person GOM invited to write it. Furthermore, the said person (don’t ask !) has not been seen since.

411-1So, here is a belated report on the hash from the White Hart, collated from snippets from my own memory and from that of those who were there. I remember my mate Cameron and his Mum and Dad and Margaret and Viv and John and Keith and some friends of Margaret’s and I believe Vince was there too with his daughter Harriet, but I would hesitate to swear to that, in this very large pub car park and I remember Brian gave us a humorous brief before we galloped off down the road – but things get a little bit sketchy thereafter.

411-2Cameron was keen to run for the first time and as he’s only 11 I volunteered to run the short trail with him and as he runs remarkably well I had a job to keep up with him. We ran down the hill from the pub and after a few hundred yards turned off into the hilly open country to the east of Wroughton. Up hill and down dale following a clearly marked trail we chatted, or at least Cameron chatted – he talks non-stop whilst running without any apparent difficulty – and we ended up back at the pub in about 40 minutes where we met the runners coming in – so either a shorter trail than usual or people like Vince were running faster than usual.

The White Hart is an old pub which has been renovated into little areas like a modern pub but it retains a certain cosiness (and the beer is good) but being June we all sat out in the garden at the front in warm sunshine. That is such a nice part of the hash – sitting in a pub garden enjoying the company of close friends and feeling you have achieved something worthwhile.

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Our belated thanks to Brian for another unique hash

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