Hash 412 – Red Lion @ Cricklade

Date Hare Scribe
23 Jun 2013 Caroline & Hilary Brian

It surprises me just how close to Swindon Cricklade is. Because of this Kathy and I arrived at The Red Lion early. In fact we were the first to arrive…an unusual feat for me. So there we stood, rather forlornly, outside the pub shuffling our feet on a rather cold mid-summer morn awaiting hares (Caroline and Hilary) or hashers. We were soon joined by the very fashionable Liz…but, as yet, no hares.

Gradually the pavement filled up with hashers but as there was no sign of the hares, Mike scouted for (and found) the first flour dot. At 11.15, and beginning to shiver, it was decided to begin and off we trotted northwards immediately leaving the town. All of the runners (except myself) missed the first circle. I waited for the walkers, we found two false trails and then a check back and guess what! … the runners were indeed on the right trail.

The going was firm and flat and we soon found ourselves by the the meandering Thames. Very quiet, very peaceful.

Liz and I were striding out a little faster than the others. We came upon a semi-circle of flour (which was actually the letter “D” signifying we should be looking for ducks – being Caroline’s and Hilary’s theme for the day) which puzzled us for a while.
The trail continued to lead us beside the Thames as it meandered slowly through the fields towards London.

Allowing the others to catch up we found the Long/Short divide and were onto an old railway track converted in a walk/cycle way. This was very straight and tree lined. The walking was easy and I had a chance to chat to Annie for a while. As we approach the town some of the runners began to pass us and we reached the pub mostly at the same time.

The Red Lion proved to be an excellent hash pub and the place (at least our corner) was buzzing with conversation and laughter. To a cheer Caroline and Hilary arrived. They had been late for the start due to a field filling up with cattle and had only just missed us at the start.

I was able to thank them for a delightful trail and they were given a well deserved round of applause. The après hash continued until well after three o’clock which it does when everyone is having a good time.

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