Hash 440 – Radnor Arms @ Coleshill


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29 Jun 2014 Mike Tom

My Dad (GB) and I turned up just on time to find only 5 runners and 3 walkers. Which was a shame because to quote Wallace and Gromit, it was a “cracking day”. Having fewer people makes in harder work as there is more checking, so for some a hard day to look forward to.

Navy Mike gave his speech about hazards (stinging nettles and cows) and symbols. Mrs Navy Mik440 - 1e asked him to repeat it because she wasn’t listening! Dad and Jeremy (acting GOM) showed off how well they had been listening by repeating all the details. However, despite repeating the details Dad clearly wasn’t listening judging by the rather large nettle stings he managed to get on his bum. The run was to be no more than 3/5 miles and no longer than an hour, for some it was both. Uniquely the walkers and runners were set off in different directions to merge later. Again uniquely the plan worked and the walkers smashed a couple of check points for us runners. For someone (no names), who had been to back to back all night parties and “disco dancing” (not sure what that is) it was a welcomed relief. Thanks walkers, much appreciated.

First, the runners passed an old church which was pretty but still in good condition. The rest of the route that followed was very green in and out of fields in rolling countryside. Dad said they were called “downs” but there seemed to be a lot of “ups” to me. The Radnor Arms is in Coleshill which is a National Trust preserved village. Some very rich bloke called George Martin also lives in the village, he made his money from beetles, but whatever it was it had Jeremy and Dad talking about “yesterday” so I guess it was all very recent.

440 - 2

Resting behind a stile I looked and saw 4 of the 5 wind generators working. If electricity is as expensive, as Dad keeps telling me, I wonder why the 5th one is not switched on? Or are the power companies ripping the public off with 80% power? You could tell it was summer because crops were ripening in fields. Barley, wheat and corn warmed by the glowing sun which followed us around everywhere.

440 - 3

At the end of a well-trailed run by Navy Mike, he greeted us at a check. Bit worrying really he was lying on the ground when we arrived, clearly we had taken too long. While Mike , Dad and Jeremy nattered I finished the run and was first at the pub and bagged us a massive wooden table in the garden. Big enough for all of us to sit around, a Hash table. It is now obvious to me why Navy Mike laid not just a good trail, but a perfect trail, down to even the flour being on the right. It is because of his considerable run rate. We worked out he has done over 800 runs. Brilliant, looking forward to his 1,000th.

Jeremy gave the thank you speech, Dad drank a pint of beer but don’t tell mum. Tea, coffee and drinks all round. According to technology the hash was 4.8 miles. A nice Jaguar sports car turned up, which made us all jealous so we left. On on!


“Good to have a sensible wife”.
“Weak Shandy please”.
“No knees, just hinges”.
“This is very intense”.
“How interesting”.
“Never volunteer”.

Things to consider

23rd August cream tea in Mikes garden for a orphaned charity fund.

Horn awarded to me for volunteering to write the hash mag. Last time I volunteer for anything!

Pants not present.

Rubber chicken – missing in action.

Mag by
Mot M-J
(Pocket Rocket)

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3 Responses to Hash 440 – Radnor Arms @ Coleshill

  1. Kathy says:

    I’ve now read it through a few times, Tom. A well constructed hash mag, with great linking themes, and not a little wit ….. A bit “Adrian Mole” in some of the observations… sorry, I know you are older than that!! I particularly liked the Beatles bit. Er, what does GB mean??

    P.S. Your dad needn’t ask for his money back; your excellent education shines through!

    Kathy x

  2. GOM says:

    Really good mag. Thanks Tom. Wish I could have been there.

  3. Navy Mike says:

    What a lovely mag. Perceptive, witty and interesting. Well done Tom.
    Navy Mike

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