Hash 441 – Greyhound @ Letcombe Regis

Date Hare Scribe
13 Jul 2014 John & Viv Tom


The whole family and I turned up, just on time, to find a large turnout of runners and particularly walkers. Which was a surprise but I suppose it was because of the warm, light weather we were having. It was set up for a day of fun trail hunting. Having a larger amount of people didn’t necessarily make it easier to track because by halfway through; Jeremy, GB and I were searching by ourselves as the rest of the posse had gotten very lost. Apparently, they missed a key sign and kept running. I think I am qualified in saying “that was a school boy error”!

A history lesson

The parish includes Segsbury Camp an Iron Age hill fort on the crest of the Downs just over 1 mile (1.6 km) south of the village.

The Domesday Book of 1086 records Letcombe Regis. The name may come from the Old English Ledecumbe meaning the “lede in the combe” – i.e. “the brook in the valley.” “Regis” may derive from the Latin ‘rex’ meaning ‘Royal’ with ‘Regis’ meaning The King’s, giving, perhaps, “The Kings brook in the valley.”

The trail

First, the runners went along a road that brought us down to a field with brambles and thorns invited by another check we found a hidden path which later became a hectic situation for the walkers who got lost up a hill. We then passed a complex of estate and building and Viv tweeting on here phone and waving smiling as we rushed passed. Apparently, the buildings were expensive retirement homes and Viv looked really comfortable sitting outside!

Then we came to a park with long routes other runners and the long short divide. Me and Jeremy took it in turns in picking the realistic route (GB was following close behind with Tara Hash Dog {THD}. Apparently he had stopped while she took a drink in the river. Yeh right Dad, do keep up). The park ended with a sharp left into open rolling fields. We slowed for a moment as a number of beautiful white and brown trotting horses passed. From here it was pretty straight forward, fields after fields and then winding roads back to the pub (see below). To my surprise, it seemed shorter than 5 miles (46 minutes according to Dad’s pocket timepiece). Not sure I can vouch for the hare’s accurate use of technology to judge distance. Overall, may say despite being a little muggy ‘splendid, absolutely splendid’ good run possibly in the running for “best trail”. Would you agree, perhaps we should score them at the end?

They shut when they heard we were coming

They shut when they heard we were coming

This is what it would have been like in the pub if they didn’t have the inconvenience of temporally shutting down when the Hash visited – should we take it personally? The walkers found us an alternative, a delightful posh café where the only trouble was moving heavy tables back. The hares should have identified this as a hazard!!!!

As the breeze came in at the café we all decided to depart by finishing our teas and biscuits and the odd chilli. Quick kisses and the long walk back to the boiling Audi and the short but annoying journey home after the rush of adrenalin and laughter. On on.

Hash Myths

The hash will start and finish at a Public House – booze and grub will be available.
Definition of a Public House is one open to the Public…….

“There are no nettles on this Hash” – Viv.
“There were nettles and thistles everywhere” – Kathy.


“this is the first walk I didn’t get lost”.
“golden surprise got his first hash”.
“I will read your last mag, I will”.
“lucky pick”.
“its definitely better here than the Riviera”.
“of all the Hashes I have been on, this was one of them”.
“Think of it as an honour”
“The pants are in the car”. (Your pants are probably on fire).
“Kathy is never impolite”
“Chatterbox that’s me”
“Tara is licking her lips”

Things to consider

23rd August cream tea in Mikes garden for a orphaned charity fund.

Same run was done last year on the hottest day, but no one turned up, shame on us.

Horn left in the bathroom

Pants stuck in the van.

Rubber chicken—having surgery

Running gear is useful

Navy Mike – you will never get to 1,000 runs by not turning up!

It’s Kathy’s sweet 16th birthday this week so many happy returns and best wishes (Dad says I am a little dyscalculate).

Also there was two new runners Overgrown and Runalot and we all hope they come back and run again seeing as they seem to ‘runalot’

Things to look out for

Run of the year

Beer shirt


Finally last but not least, the nitter natter club usually in the walkers’ group “warning we will find you and make you trail find”

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3 Responses to Hash 441 – Greyhound @ Letcombe Regis

  1. "Our" Kathy says:

    Er, was this a hash that I actually went on? Surreal, Tom, surreal….

  2. Margaret and John says:

    Well done Tom another great hash report.
    Have a great time this coming Sunday. We are sorry we can’t make it this weekend which means everyone should be back at the pub earlier than normal.
    Look forward to seeing you all at Castle Coombe.
    Best wishes
    Margaret and John

  3. webmaster says:

    Another interesting and amusing hash mag Tom – but don’t get talked into writing a third!

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