Hash 510 – Victoria @ Eastleach

Date Hare Scribe
5 Mar 2017 Keith Brian

Keith had laid an excellent, well marked trail from the Victoria Inn, Eastleach Turville to the Swan at Southrop and back, about 3 miles for the walkers, with a 2 mile extension for the runners.

The weather forecast was terrible, but this hadn’t deterred a good number of hashers, and as usual we were spared the worst, even seeing some sunshine. The trail crossed the river Leach (more than once) and through Eastleach churchyard to the “main” road, where we meet Kathy bravely walking the tarmac.

After some small confusion caused by John’s, “we always turn off left here”. Keith shepherded us back on the road to turn right down a mud slide.

On leaving the road we re-met the river, and a lot more mud. We were slipping and a sliding, ducking and a diving, (respect to the late Buddy Holly.) We then encountered a novel marking “SALT”. At first I thought this was an apt warning of an assault course, but it turned out to be a three way trail split, Short/alternative/long, and sure enough we soon spotted some runners. As the short trail appeared to go via the river and would require waders or a boat, we all took the slightly longer alternative route. This meant that we had to go past the Swan inn, tempting, but no one went in. The scenery through Southrop was picture perfect Cotswold. At this point a shout went up that an enormous swan had been seen, but it turned out to be a white plaster bag. I think some walkers had lapsed into delirium!

Then a fair route across dry fields, punctuated by some styles that were worthy of the expected assault course, to be met by Keith again, who directed us back to the pub.
In all it was a good, convivial event, with us all getting back to the pub, safely, and within fifteen minutes of each other.

Thank you to Keith for laying a somewhat challenging trail.

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3 Responses to Hash 510 – Victoria @ Eastleach

  1. Kathy says:

    Good to see you all. xxxxxxxxx

  2. Keith says:

    My thanks to all those who braved the weather on a really unpromising day (weather-wise). The turnout was surprising considering!

  3. webmaster says:

    Picturesque route Keith – but where were the circles and did anyone find Sue’s right leg which she seems to have lost on the trail somewhere?

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