Hash 511 – Check Inn @ Wroughton

Date Hare Scribe
19 Mar 2017 Jeremy Helen & Lynn

On a windy morning, luckily with no rain, we met at the Check Inn, Wroughton. It was good to see so many hashers, new faces and dogs.

Jeremy informed us he had laid a 6 mile trail for the runners but was leaving the walkers to their own devices, but somehow he must have sneaked in front as we did have a trail to follow after all. We set out across the boggy field where it then split into long and short walks. We all took the shorter route apart from John and Pat who were brave enough to take the long one — think they may have regretted this later.

We crossed the motorway onto Wichelstowe, then struggled up a steep muddy hill, at least 1:3, with no fallers. Having reached the top we  walked the plank over a ditch of deep water Рagain with no fallers.

Then onwards along the old railway line and with stunning views we eventually found ourselves back amongst the houses and followed the trail alongside the tranquil Wilts and Berks canal, at which point Lilly decided to take a short swim with the ducks.

Then it was back over the motorway bridge, fighting the gale force winds and back to the pub. Having completed our 3 mile walk, possible query over 3 mile distance, we actually beat the runners and got all the best seats.

After chatting with David, Keith and Mike it seems the runners went in the opposite direction up through Wroughton and on and on!!

Last to arrive were John and Pat at 1:30pm, much to Kathy’s relief as she had been anxiously watching out for them.

Good to see Kathy looking so well.

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3 Responses to Hash 511 – Check Inn @ Wroughton

  1. Kathy says:

    Well done, Helen and Lynn. A good account, and no-one had to chase you for it either – which is a real plus! Nice atmosphere in the pub afterwards too – always the sign of a good hash, so thank you to Jeremy too. K

  2. Sue says:

    Yes it was Fiona and me who got a bit muddled at the end – with the pub nearby I think that we were too busy talking and missed some flour….
    A lovely run – thank you Jeremy.

  3. webmaster says:

    Good to have the walkers’ perspective, and yes, it was all true.

    Commiserations to Pat and John though; they walked the runners’ trail, around 6 miles and hilly, so no wonder they were the last back.

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